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Power by the Sun – Investment for a life


Environ SA is currently one of the most rapidly growing up companies in Greece. We provide fully integrated solutions in developing, engineering, procurement, project finance, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic investments. Our EPC brand is one of the strongest and most effective in the Greek market.

English Leaflet

English Leaflet

We have thoroughly designed and provided complete services. We have invested into technological excellence. We have grid-connected state of the art projects of high quality, reliability and performance. Therefore we have gained the trust of a swiftly extending market. We are proud for taking a market share that corresponds to the most demanding investors.

Nowadays, Environ SA documents extensive accumulated expertise, know-how and consistency. Our qualitative and quantitative performance allows us to plan our next steps of growth. We are planning with optimism and confidence the enrichment of our services and extension in new markets.

We warmly invite you to search out the practices of Environ SA. We feel that our plants prove that the development, the investment surplus, the technology and environmental care, may converge and coexist in harmony.


The Board of Directors